Vinyl Kickstarter Funded!

The vinyl version of Disciples Of The Bllack Sun is now fully funded!  Thanks to everyone who backed it - you are worthy of laudation!

You can still pledge for rewards on our project page here:

Vinyl Kickstarter Launched!

We really want to release Disciples Of The Black Sun on vinyl.  The songs are epic in scope and the exclusive artwork by Blial Cabal demand a vinyl release.  We have 30 days to try and make it happen -…

Seven Hundred Steps Of Deeper Slumber

A new ritual drone is now available for download - "Seven Hundred Steps Of Deeper Slumber":

New single - 'Space (E)levator'

Our righteous kosmische | spacerock | ur-sound single 'Space (E)levator' is out now!! 

If you pay for a download you'll also be initiated into the dark ritual ambience of 'Half-Seen Columns of Unsanctified Temples'.

Constellations Of Chaos Magick

Listen to an extract from Constellations Of Chaos Magick, from the forthcoming Disciples Of The Black Sun.


Hyperspace Love - Video Teaser

Check out the teaser video for forthcoming release "Hyperspace Love" - visuals by Sasha O:

LP II is here!

LP II is here. Righteous artwork by 

|| punk sprit | shaman soul ||


New CD - The Lesser Book Of Yr

Four track ceremonial disc in handmade hammer embossed white card wallet.

Available exclusively in a Ceremonial Disc (CD) format which conforms to the rules for transcription laid out in The Lesser Book of Yr*. The four songs are:



New webshop

The new webshop is now open - the first product (the CD version of The Lesser Book of Yr) will be ready for purchase on 27 November.
Check it out here: