Shamanic Motorik Ur-Sound

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Debut LP 'I' - listen to a track here 

The Debut LP 'I' will be released via Bandcamp on 24 August.  Have a listen to Pan Dimensional Overlords learn the meaning of sorrow here:

New single - Be My Witch 

The new single Be My Witch is out now.  Download comes with mindblowing bonus track "Toppling off an axis, falling into space".
Be My Witch is the first single from the forthcoming debut LP, scheduled for release at the end of August 2015.

Donwload here:

New single - Dead Caves 

Dead Caves released 11 April 2015

Head over to Bandcamp to download the new single "Dead Caves".  It's Eno-esque, it's mysterious, it's catchy and it has a certain ineffable quality which transcends mere words.  Listen to it, feel it and buy it now.

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Previous events


Bank Top Tavern, Oldham

Join us at our next ritual dis/play. Free gig with other cool bands to enjoy in the charming hospitable environs of the Bank Top Tavern. We will destroy your reality.


Bank Top Tavern, Oldham

We play JEFFFEST II at the Bank Top Tavern on 25 April. It's an all-day event and there are lots of other great bands involved - do come along.

We are onstage at 17:30.