FrOm GoLden FleSh To SilVer BoNe 

FrOm GoLden FleSh To SilVer BoNe - our winter solstice hymn to transcendence and gift to you. Hwre!

Vinyl Kickstarter Funded! 

The vinyl version of Disciples Of The Bllack Sun is now fully funded!  Thanks to everyone who backed it - you are worthy of laudation!

You can still pledge for rewards on our project page here:

Vinyl Kickstarter Launched! 

We really want to release Disciples Of The Black Sun on vinyl.  The songs are epic in scope and the exclusive artwork by Blial Cabal demand a vinyl release.  We have 30 days to try and make it happen - please check out the website and get involved.  Thank you!

Seven Hundred Steps Of Deeper Slumber  

A new ritual drone is now available for download - "Seven Hundred Steps Of Deeper Slumber":

New single - 'Space (E)levator' 

Our righteous kosmische | spacerock | ur-sound single 'Space (E)levator' is out now!! 

If you pay for a download you'll also be initiated into the dark ritual ambience of 'Half-Seen Columns of Unsanctified Temples'.

Constellations Of Chaos Magick 

Listen to an extract from Constellations Of Chaos Magick, from the forthcoming Disciples Of The Black Sun.

LP II is here! 

LP II is here. Righteous artwork by 

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