Thee Opener Of The Way CDs now in stock! 

Thee Opener Of The Way CDs (and tapes) are now in stock over at Aurora Borealis Records' Bandcamp.

Head over there now and snag a copy:

Thee Opener Of The Way out now! 

New compilation LP, Thee Opener Of The Way, is now out on tape and CD on Aurora Borealis Records. 

Thee Opener Of The Way’ sees Primitive Knot exploring the spiritual outer realms with drone, doom and dark ambient methodology, delivering over an hour of shamanic cosmic drift.

New Album - TOUCH ME NOT 

The new LP, TOUCH ME NOT, is now available to pre-order and stream on the Solar Asceticists Productions Bandamp here:

New LP - Decanting The Dream-Gore 


The new LP is now out on tape and download.  Get it here:


DOOM I Tapes are now back in stock!

This Is DOOM I - the first in a series of DOOM tapes | 

HARSH frequencies and dark ambience combine with shamanic percussion and exquisite repetition for maximum hypnagogic effects | 

deeper than deep-time, DOOM is etched into rock / feel it shift and grow between your ears / tendrils seeking out that primitive core where yr ancestral abode awaits | 

// banished to earth where all around is DOOM \\

new lp - sub-temple ov the mirror cosmos 

sub-temple ov the mirror cosmos is out now on limited edition cassette and download - over 50 minutes of cosmick shamanic sounds - cvm worship at the sub-temple:

nEcro fuTure - 4 song cassette ep out now! 

nEcro fuTure - 4 track cassette with download code now in our bigcartel shop / limited edition of 28 so act fast //

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